Alginate box Cavex
2015-11-10 17:21
Storage box for alginate Features conservation of quality of alginate (air and light are being locked out) the lid of the container can be easily
Ca 37 500gr
2015-01-04 18:55
For the basic alginate indication range. Available in normal set and fast setting. Features- worldwide reference- firm consistency- more rigid impres
Hydrogum 5 Days 453gr
2016-09-13 12:54
Hydrogum 5 is an alginate with 5 days stability, extra fast setting - dust free. Recommended for: temporary crown & bridges, removable protheses a
C302070 Store Price: 12,30 €9,84 €
Kromopan 168 Hours 450gr
2016-09-09 11:38
Kromopan The first ever alginate with a chromatic phase indicator(Lascod patent) Purple/Pink/WhiteClass A type 1Easy to MixTixotropicExtra-fast in-mo
KRM203 Store Price: 8,25 €6,60 €
2016-09-13 12:51
Extra-rapid dust free, orthodontic alginate and study models Advantages Fast water absorptionEasy mixingHomogenous mass, smooth, compact surfacesLon
2016-09-13 12:47
Fast setting chromaticalginate with tropical flavour. Indicated for removable prothesies, study models, antagonists in fixed and removable prostheses
C302240 Store Price: 11,30 €9,04 €
Turboprint Chroma 500gr
2015-01-05 10:49
Fast-setting alginate, dust-free. Characteristics:Turboprint Chroma changes colour during the different stages of work to indicate its setting time w
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