ActiSept 1,5lt fluoride mouthwash
2017-12-21 14:57
Actisept is a daily fluoride mouthwash with mild antiseptic action, for the daily and effective fight against microorganisms that cause bad breath, pl
Air-Flow Powder Classic 300gr
2014-12-12 19:15
The AIR FLOW® CLASSIC sodium bicarbonate powder has just been revamped with a new formula: the CLASSIC COMFORT. The granule-metric size has been redu
Antigen Test Covid-19 Joysbio
2015-01-04 21:40
Coronavirus Antigen Rapid Test KitIn June 2020, JOYSBIO Biotechnology proudly released a new COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal Gold). The new
APF Fluoride Gel 500ml
2015-01-06 18:06
Available: cherry, orange, strawberry, bubble gum
Chlorhexil 0.20 Mouthwash 1,5lt
2014-12-16 14:04
Antimicrobial protectionChlorhexil 0,20% Mouthwash contains Chlorhexidine 0.20%, designed for the active control and elimination of microorganisms in
Clean Polish 50gr Cleaning paste
2014-12-16 14:08
CleanPolish is a fortified prophy-paste containing pumice which cleans natural teeth and metal fillings quickly and efficiently. By using SuperPolish
Copalite Varnish
2015-01-06 18:03
 Copalite Varnish is applied as an insulating layer under gold and amalgam restorations. Proprietary solvents in the varnish have antimicrobial and
Dentine Protect 20ml
2015-01-06 18:11
Dentine protective varnish. Indications:- Protects pulp and dentine against irritating agents or harsh drying.- Good thermal and electrical insulator
122378 Store Price: 14,00 €11,20 €
Detartrine 45gr
2015-01-06 17:29
Indicationspolishing after scaling and root planningPolishing of fillings and dental surfacesDetartrine Z: for removal of stubborn drink, food and tab
Fluoride Gel 200ml Acidulated Tutti Fruti
2019-06-11 14:41
MAQUIRA FLUORIDE is a product that helps prevent tooth decay by slowing the breakdown of enamel and speeding up the natural process of remineralizatio
Fluoride Gel 200ml Neutral Mint
2019-06-11 14:49
MAQUIRA FLUORIDE is a product that helps prevent tooth decay by slowing the breakdown of enamel and speeding up the natural process of remineralizatio
FluoroDose 0.3ml
Upon order
2016-12-12 11:42
FluoroDose features a 5% sodium fluoride, white cavity varnish in the single-use LolliPack package, the maximum allowed fluoride dosage and is FDA-cle
Polish Paste 45gr
2015-01-06 18:17
Prophylaxis paste to remove plaque and tartar from the tooth surface. Properties:- Ensure optimum removal of plaque and tartar without any appreciabl
Polishing Brushes
2015-01-06 17:52
Polishing Cups
2015-01-06 17:57
Profluorid Varnish 10ml
2020-10-06 14:48
Easy, tasteful and transparent 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish Easy non-messy SingleDose delivery systemTransparent without yellow discoloration of teethI
Prophy Paste CCS 60ml
2015-01-06 17:39
The fluoride polishing paste Prophy Paste CCS is suited for removal of soft and stubborn coatings or discolourations. Prophy Paste CCS is available in
Store Price: 18,27 €15,53 €
Prophy Powder
2018-01-10 10:28
This fine powder for professional treatments efficiently removes plaque and tooth discoloration without clogging. The Prophy Powder is available in t
Prophylaxis Paste Regular 250gr
2015-01-06 17:23
Advanced Healthcare’s regular prophypastes use a blend of abrasives selected to ensure optimum removal of plaque and tartar without any appreciable
Shine 90gr Prophylactic Paste
2019-06-13 13:49
Maquira Prophylactic Paste Shine is abrasive enough to remove efficiently all types of waste the tooth surface without causing undesired abrasion of t
Toothbrush 1pc Intermed
Upon order
2015-04-15 11:15
Toothbrush 1pc Intermed 
Unident Whitening Toothpaste 100ml
2015-04-15 11:35
UNIDENT® Whitening Professional Toothpaste It contains safe whitening agents that restore and preserve the teeth’s natural white color offering a
Unisept Mouthwash 1,5L
2017-12-22 10:20
Antimicrobial, cleansing, healing, soothing actionUnisept Mouthwash is a unique daily mouthwash, which offer multiple action. Contribute to daily hygi
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