Eurosonic Micro Ultrasonic Cleaner
2019-08-27 13:40
Electronic compact stainless steel ultrasonic tank with a single on/off function with a preset 10-minutes work cycle. Equipped with one piezo ceram
LED C Dental curing light
2015-01-12 10:15
·Wireless. The battery can be replaced.·Three working modes: Full, Ramping, Pulse.·Time setting: 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s.·Large capacity battery. A full
LED F Curing Light
Upon order
2015-01-12 10:22
LED F adopts the princciple of ray radiation to solidify the light-sensitive resin by shooting at it in a short time. With the function of accelerati
WDP46 350,00 €
OxyO Pro OLED Pulse Oximeter
2015-01-12 09:57
Small in size, and easy to carryColor OLED monitor, 4 different display modesPulse histogram and 4 kinds Spo2 wave displayEasy to use & high accur
UDS-P LED ultrasonic scaler, Woodpecker
2015-01-12 10:42
Features: Automatic frequency tracking ensures steady performance and the best operational frequency. Detachable handpiece is EMS compatible and is
WDP45 400,00 €
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