Upon order
2015-01-23 09:35
This endodontic sealer seals the canal permanently, eliminating the worries about leakage and minimizing the risks of root canal treatment  failures.
2014-12-12 18:58
Permanent root canal sealing Thermal obturation Advantages: - Excellent biocompatibility - Easy to mix paste-paste - Hermetic sealing ability -
AH 26 8gr+10gr Silver Free
2021-11-09 13:56
Root Canal Sealing and Filling Materials AH 26® powder and resin are mixed to produce a root canal filling material of excellent sealing capacity.As
AH 26 8gr+10gr
2015-01-06 09:45
Root Canal Sealing and Filling Materials AH 26® powder and resin are mixed to produce a root canal filling material of excellent sealing capacity.As
60620101 Store Price: 101,19 €91,07 €
AH Plus 2x4ml
2014-12-16 12:33
Product descriptionAH Plus® root canal sealer and AH Plus Jet® root canal sealer are based on epoxyamine resin, offering the following features:Long
60620110 Store Price: 125,90 €100,72 €
AHseal Root Canal Sealer
Upon order
2018-02-08 18:28
Powder and resin root canal filling material which has excellent sealing capacity.It offers close adaptations of the root canal walls and has very low
Alveogyl 10g
2015-01-05 20:49
Indications Dry socket treatment. Features & benefits With a fibrous consistency thanks to Penghawar fibers for an easy filling of
2015-01-17 13:31
The creamy ApexCal calcium hydroxide paste is used to place temporary disinfectant dressings in the obturation of root canals. ApexCal can also be use
Apexit Plus, 6g
2015-01-05 19:34
Apexit Plus is a radiopaque, non-shrinking root canal sealer paste that is based on calcium hydroxide. It is used for the permanent obturation of root
Calcipast + I
2016-11-24 12:16
Calcium hydroxide material enriched with barium sulphate and iodoform is recommended as temporary filling of the root canals. Calcium hydroxide 10%,
Calcipast Forte 2.1 gr
2016-11-24 12:21
Calcium hydroxide material for temporary root canal fillings with iodoform and p-chlorophenol CALCIPAST FORTE is a product intended for use during de
Canal + EDTA Gel
Upon order
2015-01-05 20:22
Root canal preparation. Instruments lubrication. Features & benefits Lubricating and water-soluble gel. Clings to instruments and faci
Cavit AHL 30gr
2015-01-05 21:46
Temporary cavity filling material
Cavit G 28gr
2015-01-05 20:18
Proven filling material for temporary fillings Simple to apply with filling instrument Quick and void-free curing in a moist environment Slight e
44313 Store Price: 20,10 €15,08 €
Chloraxid Extra 5.25% 200gr
2020-05-15 13:10
Liquid for root canal rinsing CHLORAXID 5,25% EXTRA is a breakthrough in the area of rinsing the root canals. It’s innovativeness is the result of
Cliniseal Pit & Fissure Sealant 2x1.2ml
2018-10-08 14:25
Light-cured, pit and fissure sealant with fluoride release IndicationsPediatric sealant applications PropertiesDesigned to seal pits and fissures of
Coltosol F 28gr
2015-01-06 10:27
Coltosol F is a temporary, eugenol-free filling material. The ease of use and the self-curing under the action of saliva make Coltosol F an ideal fill
Dental Dam 152x152mm 36pcs
2015-01-06 11:04
Easy to use and pre-cut dental dams. Indication:Ensures patients' cheeks, tongue, lips and gingivae isolation. Characteristics:- Very flexible (resi
Store Price: 15,00 €10,50 €
Endo Prep Cream
2018-02-27 12:27
Preparation for root canals widening in cream The preparation is designed for chemo-mechanical root canal cleansing and preparation. Through lubrican
2016-03-16 10:22
A convenient ring for Hand & Rotary Files. Gauges from 1 to 35mm. A simple & practical design for measuring files.
Endomethasone N, 14g
2015-01-05 20:39
Indications Permanent root canal sealer. Features & benefits Radiopaque for easy short & long-term follow up. Neither resorbab
Upon order
2014-12-16 17:33
Root Canal Sealer The world’s first hydrophilic and self-priming resin sealer Provides more effective obturation in less time Delivers a
Endosealer Root Canal Sealer
2018-10-08 14:48
Two-paste epoxy-amine resin root canal sealer IndicationsObturation of root canals together with gutta-percha points PropertiesExtremely High radiop
2015-01-05 20:46
Indications Solvent for endodontic cements. This solvent is able to soften conventional zinc oxide eugenol cements and phenolic resin type seale
Eucalyptol 10 ml
2016-11-24 12:29
Active substance: eucalyptus oil 100% Properties: Eucalyptol is intended for dissolving gutta-percha. It is gained from eucalyptus extract. Color
Eudent ED-Clean 200ml
Upon order
2017-12-22 10:30
EUDENT ED-clean is an aqueous solution with chlorhexidine digluconate for cleaning and antisepticizing the root canals.With Chlorhexidine Digluconate
Eudent EDTA solution 18% 500ml
2015-01-06 11:00
EDTA solution 18%Root canal preparation and disinfection.EUDENT ED-sol is an aqueous solution of EDTA 18% of low viscosity, enhanced with Cetrimonium
Eugenol 100gr
2021-11-17 13:46
Gates 32mm 6pcs
2015-01-06 11:15
Gluco Chex
2018-02-27 12:15
Liquid for root canal rinsingChlorhexidine digluconate is used as rinsing and antibacterial agent. It is more efficient than sodium hypochlorite again
Gutta Percha points 120pcs
2015-01-06 11:26
Description : ISO Color Coded Gutta Percha Points • Packaging : Slide Box 6 compartment,Square vial • Quantity : 120 points/box • Color Coded :
Gutta Percha points 15-40 Length marked 120pcs
2019-11-05 15:36
• Description : Accurating measurement mark at 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm and 24mm. • Packaging : Slide Box 6 compartment,Square vial • Quanti
Guttapercha Points Top Color 100pcs
2015-01-05 21:39
ROEKO Guttapercha Points are used in combination with sealers to obturate the root canal after root canal treatment. The Guttapercha Points are avail
H-files R&S Medin 25mm 6pcs
2020-11-06 21:18
To remove dentine and scrape canal walls. Properties:Iso diameter indicatorThe length of the instrument is indicated through the colour of the stopDe
Hydrol 45ml
2015-01-05 20:30
Acetone & ethyl acetate solution Indications Dental preparation degreasing Root canal dehydration Features & benefits Removes
K Reamer R&S Medin 6pcs
2015-01-05 22:12
Ideal for effective debris removal during canal treatment. Properties:Iso diameter indicator.The length of instrument is indicated through the colour
K-files R&S Medin 25mm 6pcs
2016-09-19 12:43
Instruments for catheterisation of the canal system : prior penetration, location and identification of dental content and complexity. Properties:Iso
Labarak 400ml
2015-01-06 10:50
Labarak 400ml
64 4,00 €
Lentulo, 4pcs
2015-01-05 22:15
Maillefer Η File 6pcs
2015-01-06 10:11
15,40 €

13,60 €
Maillefer Κ File 6pcs
2015-01-06 10:14
13,60 €

15,40 €
Maillefer Κ Reamer 6pcs
2015-01-06 10:17
13,40 €

15,20 €

13,60 €

15,40 €
2016-09-09 11:55
Water soluble temporary root canal filling material with excellent radiopacity. Premixed paste with two years shelf life and excellent antibacterial e
2020-08-24 13:33
Biomaterial for filling and rebuilding of root canals – white BIO MTA+ is intended for dental treatment as a material for filling and remineralizat
MTA Mini
2016-11-24 12:36
Material for filling and rebuilding of the root canals – white Active substances:Calcium oxide and oxides of: silicon, iron, aluminium, sodium, pot
NaviTip 29g / 50pcs
2015-01-05 22:40
Provide controlled delivery to the apex Flexible, stainless steel cannula easily navigates curved canal Economical stainless steel material for s
NaviTip 30g/50pcs
Upon order
2015-01-06 09:29
Provide controlled delivery to the apex Flexible, stainless steel cannula easily navigates curved canal Economical stainless steel material for s
Paper Points 200pcs
2015-01-05 19:23
• Description : ISO Color Coded Absorbent Paper Points • Packaging : Slide Box 6 compartment, Square vial • Quantity : 200 points/box • Color
Paper Points Length Marked 15-40 200pcs
2019-11-05 20:06
• Description : Accurating measurement mark at 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm and 24mm.• Packaging : Slide Box 6 compartment,Square vial• Quantity
Paper Points Top Color, 200pcs
2015-01-05 21:35
ROEKO Top color paper points combine the advantages of the white and the color points. The color coding at the top of the points prevents mixing of si
Protaper Guttapercha Points Maillefer
Upon order
2014-12-16 14:22
ProTaper Gold Gutta Percha Master Cones: Micronized formula delivers warm gutta-percha 4.5mm beyond the heat source at temperatures of 105-180. Cone
Protaper Paper Points Maillefer
Upon order
2019-03-19 17:51
Protaper Paper Points Maillefer F1: A 022W.F1 F2: A 022W.F2 F3: A 022W.F3 Assortments : A 022W.F1- F3 A 022W.F4- F5
ProTaper Universal Rotary Instruments
2015-01-05 20:12
ProTaper Universal Rotary Instruments: Shaping files have multiple tapers that ensure flexibility and cut dentin in specific canal zones Brushing
Pulp Canal Sealer EWT
2017-07-20 10:53
Pulp Canal Sealer™ EWTZinc Oxide Eugenol Root Canal Sealer Pulp Canal Sealer, with extended work time, is a zinc oxide eugenol sealer that has a po
Syntex 10g
Upon order
2018-02-27 10:23
Root canal filling and sealing material Material for root canal sealing based on epoxy resin. Convenient, ready for use two component paste, dosed in
UltraCal® XS
2015-01-05 22:21
UltraCal XS is a uniquely formulated calcium hydroxide preset paste that is both aqueous and radiopaque, with a high pH (12.5). It is recommend the la
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