Adhese Universal Bottle 5gr
Upon order
2014-12-16 13:55
Adhese Universal is a single-component, light-cured universal adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures that features compatibility with all
Adhese Universal Vivapen 2ml
Upon order
2014-12-12 19:24
AdheSE is a light-curing, self-etching two-component adhesive system for enamel and dentin bonding. Advantages Time-saving application: no need fo
Admira Bond 4ml
Upon order
2015-01-06 18:24
Light-cured acetone based dentin/enamel one-coat, one bottle bonding agent Indications Direct restoration with all types of lightcuring restoratives
Adper Single Bond 2 6ml
2015-01-07 10:26
Adper™ Single Bond Adhesive offers greater confidence. Superior bond strength provides exceptional bonding performance Nanofiller is stable and
51202 Store Price: 64,60 €48,45 €
Applicator tips 100pcs
2015-01-07 12:43
Clearfil Se Bond 2
2015-01-16 13:28
CLEARFIL SE BOND 2 a two-step, self-etch, light-cure bonding agent with an improved catalyst system for stronger bonds and a new dual-cure activ
Gluma Bond Universal 4m
Upon order
2015-01-07 12:22
Based on our long-term bonding expertise, we developed GLUMA Bond Universal – a universal bonding answering to all your bonding needs. It is a relia
Prime & Bond NT 4,5ml
Upon order
2015-01-07 10:06
Prime & Bond ® NT™ is a light-cure self-priming dental adhesive designed to bond composite materials and Dyract® AP compomer to enamel and den
Scotchbond Universal Plus 5ml
2021-09-22 15:41
DetailsFirst radiopaque universal adhesive reducing the risk of X-ray misdiagnosis and overtreatmentUniversal adhesive suitable for all direct and ind
Single Bond Universal
2015-06-16 14:59
Total-Etch, Self-Etch, Selective-Etch – no matter what adhesive technique you choose, Single Bond Universal Adhesive is the only adhesive you’ll n
41266 Store Price: 110,00 €82,50 €
Suprabond Bonding 7ml
2019-02-22 16:02
Agent for single-component, ready-to-use, photopolymerizable amelo-dentin bonding. Indications:- All direct restorations in photopolymerizable compos
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