Our company cooperates with the transport company INTRALINK and SPEEDEX Courier.

Deliveries are made in 1-2 days with Speedex and in 3-4 days with Intralink. Inaccessible areas may be further delayed.

Shipping costs with Speedex are three euros (3) for packages up to four (4) kilos, plus one euro (1) for each additional kilo.
Shipments with Intralink are charged four euros and fifty cents (4.50) for each parcel (Parcel dimensions: 50x40x30 cm).
Shipping is NOT charged for orders over fifty euros (50) net worth.

In case you choose to pay by COD, there will be an additional charge of two (2) euros.

Upon your request, your order can be sent by another Courier, Post or Transport company. 
If you have chosen your shipment to be made with Speedex, we can send you the Shipping Number (Tracking number), To Search for your order here: http://www.speedex.gr/isapohi.asp

Finally to mention that the goods are transported at the risk of the buyer.

Dental Materials - Dental Equipment

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