ReTurn Program

Odontopromitheftiki, wants to thank her good customers, for the trust and preference they show in their markets, and gives them the right to choose and get FREE, dental items worth over 400 euros depending on their annual turnover.

Terms and conditions of the ReTurn Program program:

  • The clients will be private dentists or multi-clinics located in Greece.
  • Clinics and Public Hospitals cannot participate in the program.
  • The FREE value attributable to each customer, is calculated according to the respective annual turnover (not including VAT), which will take place from January 1 to December 31 of each year.
  • For annual turnovers over 5,000 euros the discount is 2%
  • For annual turnovers over 10,000 euros the discount is 4%
  • A prerequisite for the return of the value of the gift is that the balance of the customer's account on December 31st or at the latest by January 15th of the following year, be zero (0).

Dental Materials - Dental Equipment

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